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Colorlight 5A-75B v8 Panel Controller

Colorlight 5A-75B v8 Panel Controller

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Colorlight 5A-75B v8 Panel Controller

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Model: colorlight-5a-75b
Brand: Colorlight
Condition: New
Shipping Weight: 0.193 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 6" × 4" × 1"
Categories: Panels > Panel Controllers


Product Overview

The Colorlight Card is a board specifically designed to run panels. Unlike FPP using a Beaglebone Black with an Octoscrolla or a Raspberry Pi with a Pi hat, the Colorlight Card has dedicated, purpose-built hardware to manage many different panel configurations. To get data to the Colorlight Card, you can utilize a dedicated sending interface or FPP . Either way, any connection being made to the Colorlight Card must be Gigabit. The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ or the Raspberry Pi 4B is a great way to get your panel data directly to the Colorlight card without having switching hardware in-between.

The Colorlight Card needs to be configured to work correctly. Please visit the following page to download the latest version of the LEDVISION software. As of 8/21/2021, the current recommended version is listed as 8.0.

For help building out a panel, please take a look our Matrix Buildout Configurator and Calculator. It will create a plug and play solution for building a panel to your specifications.

If you need to configure the Colorlight card, written instructions can be found in these two locations on the Learn page:

Product Specifications

  • Max Supported Pixels per Card: 512× 256
  • Input Voltage: 3.3v to 6v
  • Rated Current: 0.6 amps
  • Operating Temperature: -25° C to 75° C
  • Dimensions: 143mm × 93mm

Note: Two power inputs are provided. You only need to supply power to one input.


Below is a great video that explains some of the different ways in which you can run Panels. The second half of the video focuses directly on Colorlight Cards and their configuration. NOTE: The configuration steps in this video are outdated. Both FPP and LEDVision have been through multiple versions since this video. A direct link to the video can be found here:

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