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Beaglebone Black Rev C

Common Accessories

  • Beaglebone Black Rev C
  • Sandisk 32Gb Micro SD Card with Latest FPP Installed for Beaglebone
  • Total Together: $87.00

Beaglebone Black Rev C


Beaglebone Black Rev C

Availability: In stock
Model: bbb
Model: 102110420
Brand: Wired Watts
Condition: New
Operating Weight: 0.275 lbs
Shipping Weight: 0.3138 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 5.5" × 3.875" × 1.625"
Categories: Controllers > Computers


Product Overview

The Beaglebone Black is a single board computer with a multitude of expansion capabilities. The dual PRU's onboard the CPU chip gives the Beaglebone a leg up for driving anything pixel related. With two sets of GPIO pins, the Beaglebone will serve as the central processor for your pixel lighting needs.