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Build a Controller Kit

Build a Controller Kit (BETA)

*This page is still in testing. Although many features work correctly, others may be lacking.

This page will help you choose the items you need to build out a plethora of different controllers. It defaults to having everything you would need to build a Kulp K16A-B with as little effort as possible. As you configure your controller, different options may change depending on compatibility of each item in the build. After you have configured your controller, you can add all the parts to the cart with a single button. From there, you can add, edit, or modify the cart as you see fit.

By filling out the form below, this calculator will give you pricing of the necessary items to make a successful controller build. Let's get started!


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First Expansion
Second Expansion
Controller Enclosure
Precision Cut Enclosure
Vent Enclosure
Connector Style
Power Supply Type
Pigtail Markers
SD Card Size
Add FM Transmitter
Add External Networking