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About Us

Don't get tangled up in the details.

The Short Story...

Wired is an independently owned lighting and technology company. We offer a wide range of products to meet your lighting needs. It is our goal to provide high quality products at an affordable price to both commercial clients and hobbyists alike.

The Long-Winded Version...

As a fellow DIYer and hobbyist, I saw some challenges with this obessio... *cough* hobby, everything had too steep of a learning curve. You had to know where to get your hardware, who was reputable, the difference between 12v and 5v, how to power inject, etc... the list goes on. When I started in the world of RGB, it seemed everything involved a lot of soldering, building out, tinkering, and trial and error. I knew there had to be some easier ways to accomplish my goals without all the tedious labor.

The mission of this company is simple: we want to help you build your dreams without all the difficulty. To achieve this goal, we are offering easy solutions to hard problems, and some good advice in-between. This company is comprised of professionals who know the products in and out. We have surrounded ourselves and have partnered with some amazing professionals in the decorating industry that provide outstanding services and support. We visit our suppliers to ensure we are receiving a quality product to pass on to you, the consumer. I invite you to browse this web page to see our offerings. If you need help or hand-holding, the phone number is posted prominently on the top and bottom of every page. Decorating should be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Let us help you achieve your goals and keep it fun!

By the way... I tried my best to pick a phone number that was easy to remember. +1(860) Got-Watts or +1(860) 468-9288