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Pixel Tester with xConnect Connector

Pixel Tester with xConnect Connector


Pixel Tester with xConnect Connector

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Availability: In stock
Model: testerp3
Shipping Weight: 0.096 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 5" × 3" × 1"
Categories: Tools and Accessories


Product Description

This pixel tester will take either anywhere from a 5v to 24v power supply and allow you to connect up to 2048 pixels if kept under 6 amps. The RF remote allows you to select a single color or one of the 300 pre-built sequences on board the dongle. The pixel tester is a great way to test pixels on the bench, or create a simple light display with a few strands of your choosing.

Changing the Color Order

When you press the Red, Green, and Blue buttons at the bottom of the controller, and see a different color than you expected, you will need to change the color order of the tester. To change the order, hold down the gear / cog / settings looking button for a few seconds until all of your pixels turn white. Once white, press the red, green, and blue buttons to see if the button matches the pixel color. If the color order is still wrong, repeat the process by holding down that settings button again until the pixels turn white, and then press the colored buttons again to see if they match. There are a total of 6 different combinations to try to make it right. Once you see the correct settings, tap that settings button again, don't hold it this time, and the tester should be set. Press the colored buttons once more to confirm the settings.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Input Connector: Barrel (sold separately)
    • Barrel Size: 5.5mm outside and 2.1mm inside
    • Polarity: Pin is positive, Barrel is ground
  • Pixel Output Connector: xConnect
  • Input Voltage: 5 - 24 volts DC
  • Max Draw: 6 amps
  • Max Pixels: 2048 nodes
  • Supported Chips: WS2811, WS2812, 1612, 1903
  • User Manual: Click Here to View


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