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USB2 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with USB Hub

USB2 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with USB Hub


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USB2 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with USB Hub

Availability: Out of Stock
Model: ethgbusb2
Brand: Wired Watts
Condition: New
Operating Weight: 0.06 lbs
Shipping Weight: 0.09 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 5" × 6" × 1"
Categories: Controllers > Computers


Product Overview

This ethernet adapter will give your single board computer gigabit speed via the USB port. This product is great for getting your Pocket Beagle connected to your network or adding an additional network port to your Raspberry Pi for controlling a Colorlight card. There are no drivers required if used with FPP.

Note: The onboard USB hub does not have discrete power and thus cannot run high powered items such as a wireless adapter.

Product Specifications

  • Speed: Gigabit
  • Connector Style: USB2-A
  • Wire Length: 15.5cm or 6"
  • Overall Length: 27.9cm or 11"
  • Body Dimensions: 8.6cm × 2.5cm × 1.7cm or 3.375" × 1" × 0.75"
  • Compatibility: Beaglebone Black, Pocket Beagle, Raspberry Pi