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Panel Pi Hat

Panel Pi Hat


Panel Pi Hat

Availability: In stock
Model: panel-pi-hat
Shipping Weight: 0.072 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 2.75" × 2.25" × 0.75"
Categories: Panels > Panel Controllers


Product Overview

  • Supports up to three P10 or P5 panel chains for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and Zero that have 40 GPIO pins
  • Each chain of panels can have either 12 1/8th scan P10 panels or 6 1/16th scan P5 panels daisy chained.
  • The Pi can be powered via a power input connector as to bypass the USB lead
  • Mounting hardware included

Product Specifications

  • 3 × 16pin IDC (2 × 8) male shrouded headers to connect the panels
  • 1 × 40pin female connector to connect to the Raspberry Pi
  • Mounting holes to suit Raspberry Pi 2, Pi3 and Pi Zero

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