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K8-B Scroller Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights

Common Accessories

  • K8-B Scroller Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights
  • Sandisk 32Gb Micro SD Card with Latest FPP Installed for Beaglebone
  • Beaglebone Black Rev C
  • Total Together: $162.00

K8-B Scroller Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights


K8-B Scroller Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights

Availability:In Stock
Model: klk8b-scroller
MFG Part#: K8-B Scroller
Brand: Kulp Lights
Condition: New
Shipping Weight: 0.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 5" × 4" × 1.5"
*This product price cannot be reduced by promotional codes that do not explicitly include this item within the terms and conditions of the sale


Product Overview

The K8-B-Scroller by Kulp Lights is a cape for the Beaglebone Black designed to drive both WS2811 LED pixels and LED Panels. It has 8 local ports (fused with LED indicators) that can each drive 800 pixels at 40FPS. It also has one RJ45 differential port that can output an additional 4 strings using differential receivers. The 800 pixels per string is the same for all strings. There are also 3 HUB75 ports for driving LED Panels such as P5 and P10 panels. Each of the 3 ports can drive 5 × P5 or 10 × P10 panels. There are also two UARTs exposed via header pins which can drive DMX universes, Renard, or LOR. You can find onboard a Real Time Clock, temperature sensor, header for an OLED display, and four push buttons for navigating menus on the display.

The  BeagleBone must be powered by a 5v power supply. In general, the power supply used to power the panels is normally usable providing it can maintain a stable voltage between 4.8v-5.1v. The pixels can be powered by a separate power supply that can be either 5v or 12v.

This board requires a Beaglebone Black to operate (sold separately). Note: BeagleBone Green Wireless boards are not supported.

If you are interested in a full build, please take a look at the following page: