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K16A-B Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights v2

Common Accessories

  • K16A-B Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights v2
  • Beaglebone Black Rev C
  • Sandisk 32Gb Micro SD Card with Latest FPP Installed for Beaglebone
  • Total Together: $212.00

K16A-B Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights v2


K16A-B Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights v2

Availability:In Stock
Model: klk16a-bv2
MFG Part#: K16A-B
Brand: Kulp Lights
Condition: New
Shipping Weight: 0.7 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 7" × 6" × 1.5"
Spec Sheets: K16A-B-Manual.pdf
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Product Overview

The K16A-B v2 by Kulp Lights is a cape for the BeagleBone Black designed to drive WS2811 LED pixels. It has 16 local string ports fused with LED indicators that can each drive up to 800 pixels at 40 frames per second or up to 1,500 pixels at 20 frames per second. The four RJ45 differential ports can output up to an additional 48 strings by utilizing smart receivers or up to 16 additional strings by using regular receiver boards. The expansion connector allows for even further expansion via a 16 string port expansion card or a remote differential expansion card. Finally, it has 2 RS485 outputs for DMX, PixelNet, Renard, or LOR.

For end-user usability, it provides a Real Time Clock, temperature sensors, voltage sensors, a header for an OLED display (included), four push buttons for navigating menus on the display.

The K16A-B also has an on-board, high quality DAC chip for providing sound.

It also has two extra headers for additional functionality. One header provides access to the I2C bus and 8 GPIO pins for additional push buttons or other triggers a user may need. The other header provides a mounting point for an optional Si4713 based FM transmitter.

This board requires a Beaglebone Black to operate (sold separately).

For a full build-out kit for the K16A-B, look at the following page.