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F8-B Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights

F8-B Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights

  Discontinued: This product has been discontinued.

F8-B Beaglebone Controller Cap by Kulp Lights

Availability:Out of Stock
Model: klf8b
MFG Part#: F8-B
Brand: Kulp Lights
Condition: New
Shipping Weight: 0.219 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 3.5" × 4" × 1"
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Product Overview

The F8-B is a cape for the BeagleBone Black designed to drive WS2811 LED pixels. It has 8 local ports (fused with LED indicators) that can each drive over 700 pixels (with power injection) at 40FPS. It also has 3 RJ45 differential ports that can output an additional 12 strings or 8 universes of DMX. Finally, there is an expansion header which can drive an additional 16 strings. The 700 pixels per string is the same for all strings. This new version also provides a Real Time Clock, temperature sensors, a header for an OLED display, and two push buttons for navigating menus on the display.

The BeagleBone is powered by the same power supply powering the pixels. There are jumpers on the board to select either 5V or 12V power. At the factory, this is set to 12 volts. You only need to make changes to jumpers if you are using a 5 volt power supply.

A User Manual is available.