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Chameleon Panel Panther Dumb Receiver

Chameleon Panel Panther Dumb Receiver


Chameleon Panel Panther Dumb Receiver

Availability: In stock - more than 200 available!
Model: panelpantherv1
Brand: Wired Watts
Condition: New
Shipping Weight: 0.15 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 4" × 5" × 1"
Categories: Panels > Panel Controllers


Product Overview

The Chameleon Panel Panther is a dumb receiver that will work with Falcon, Kulp, and Experience lights controllers. The controller will output to one P5 outdoor panel by consuming the first 512 pixels on each of the four strings on the board. The remainder of the pixels allotted to the board by the controller can be used for pixels. Pixels can be either 12v or 5v. The board has a pixel power / logic power lug and a logic JST that is commonly seen on the back of P5 panels. If you are utilizing 5v pixels, the board can be powered by the pixel power / logic power lug by setting the jumper. If you use 12v pixels, remove the jumper and power the board via the white JST connection. The type of controller you use will determine the amount of pixels that can be used on each port after the initial 512 are used by the panel. There are two switches on the board that control blanking and diagnostics. If you turn blanking off, the panel and pixels will display the last frame of data received from the controller before signal loss. If blanking is turned on, the controller will blank all pixels on both the panel and strings three seconds after data loss. The diagnostic screen will divide the screen into four bars representing each of the four string ports on the board. If the port is receiving data from the host controller, it will light that quarter of the screen green. If no data is present, it will light it red. It will also flash white on and off to show movement white in the diagnostic screen. The board can be mounted to the back of a Wired Watts Outdoor P5 panel via 4 self tapping screws. There are two power LEDs next to the pixel power / logic power input lug. They will light green if the board is powered and the polarity is correct. They will light red if the polarity is crossed. There is reverse polarity protection on the board.

Product Specifications

  • Power Consumption: TBD
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Input Voltage: 5v
  • Pixel Power Voltage: 5v-12v

xLights Setup:

The board should be used just like any other dumb receiver. The small caveat to making the visualizer and built in functions of xLights work correctly is to set the matrix to 4 strings of 512 with 8 strands per string and a zig-zag of 64 pixels on the matrix (see image below). This will cause the matrix to span all four ports of the receiver and allow you to add props after the matrix which will hang off the four string ports.