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Pixel 2 Things DC and Servo Controller Board

Pixel 2 Things DC and Servo Controller Board

  Discontinued: This product has been discontinued.

Pixel 2 Things DC and Servo Controller Board

Availability: Out of Stock
Model: p2tdc
Condition: New
Operating Weight: 0.36 lbs
Shipping Weight: 1.2 lbs
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Product Overview

The Pixel2DC line of boards allow you to drive dimmable DC outputs as well as Servos from a WS2811 pixel line. The board itself is powered by the 5V, 12V or 24V power in your existing pixel wiring. No external configuration is needed, this board is PLUG and PLAY! The mounting holes on the board are suitable for CG-1500 enclosures. This board features 1 DC input, and 9 DC outputs + 1 Servo Power input, and 6 Servo outputs. It also has a switch to choose between a 5V servo signal, and a 6V servo signal. The board can also be placed "in line" in a pixel string, as it will output WS2811 data as well. Not only that, but DMX output is also included. So you can easily hook up your stage lighting effects straight to this board, with no additional configuration necessary.

Product Specifications

  • Input Signal: WS2811 Protocol
  • Input Pixel Voltages: 5v-24v
  • Output Data Types: WS2811 and DMX
  • DMX Output: 480 Channels on One Universe
  • Input DC Voltage: 5v - 30v
  • DC Inputs: 1
  • DC Outputs: 9
  • Supported Servo Types:
    • 50hz Frequency
    • 1ms - 2ms Pulse Width
    • 5v or 6v Signal
    • 5v - 36v Servo Power
  • Servo Power Inputs: 1
  • Servo Outputs: 6
  • Channels Consumed: 15 Channels or 5 Pixels Nodes
  • Board Max Amps / Fuse Size: 10A max per board
  • Output Max Amps: 5A max per output

HEAT WARNING: The higher the amperage you drive your board, the hotter it will get. This board ships without heat sinks, therefor it is your responsibility to monitor and control temperature based on the operating load you plan to use. Enclosure fans, heat sinks and other cooling methods will be necessary as you approach the maximum ratings of the board.

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