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House Outline Pixel Bar

House Outline Pixel Bar

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House Outline Pixel Bar

Availability: Out of Stock
Model: olpixel-barw
Operating Weight: 0.4406 lbs
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 39.5" × 1" × 1"
Categories: Smart Pixels > House Outline

Product Overview

This product is a great for doing a house outline in pixels. Each section is one meter long and has seven pixel nodes inside. The conduit is made of ivory plastic, however, it's paintable to match the color of your house or design. With each meter length you purchase, you receive one piece of paintable conduit, and seven pixel nodes that total 21 lights. The strings of pixel nodes come in lengths of 56 nodes from the factory that allow for 8 meters to be tied together before you have to split or solder connections. There are also some tees and connectors available here that allow you to join multiple pieces of conduit to form different shapes or angles.

Product Specifications

  • Node Voltage: 12v DC
  • Node Color: RGB
  • Node Protocol: WS2811
  • Nodes Per Meter: 7
  • Pixels Per Node: 1
  • Lights Per Node: 3
  • Strand Length: 56 nodes or 8 meters
  • Node Type: Smart Node
  • Compatible Pigtail: Raw Ends
  • Required Controller: Smart Pixel
  • Viewing Angle: 150 - 180°
  • Weather Protection: IP65
  • Color: Ivory
  • DMX Channels Per Node: 3
  • DMX Channels Per Meter: 21
  • DMX Channels Per String: 168

Power Consumption

Based on 100% Brightness at Full White

  • Max Power Per Node: 0.75 watts or 0.63 amps
  • Max Power Per String: 42.24 watts or 3.52 amps
  • Max Power Per Meter: 5.28 watts or 0.44 amps

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