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RPI-28D+ By Hanson Electronics

Common Accessories

  • RPI-28D+ By Hanson Electronics
  • Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB
  • Sandisk 32Gb Micro SD Card with Latest FPP Installed for Pi
  • Total Together: $106.00

RPI-28D+ By Hanson Electronics


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RPI-28D+ By Hanson Electronics

Availability: Out of Stock
Model: hanrpi28d
Condition: New
Shipping Weight: 0.134 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 3" × 2" × 1.5"


Product Specifications

  • 2 × 2811 pixel outputs good for 1200 pixels @ 20fps and 800 pixels @ 40fps
  • 1 × 2801 pixel output
  • 1 × non-isolated DMX output
  • 3 × fused power inputs for the 3 pixel outputs. 5v, 12v, and/or 24v pixels can be connected
  • 3 × 7.5A ATO automotive fuses
  • Runs under Falcon Player (FPP)
  • Can power cape and Raspberry Pi from 5v or 12v input
  • Uncommitted connection to GPIO pins for external use
  • Mounting holes to suit Pi2, Pi3, Pi4, and Pi Zero
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) for show scheduling
  • Supplied with M2.5 Nylon spacers to separate the Pi and rPi-28D