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Custom Length Pixel Strings

Purchase Custom Length Pixel Strings

This page will allow you to order custom length pixel strings in 12 or 5 volt variants. Each line item represents a type of string.

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Configure Your Strings

From these menus, choose the type of pixel, voltage, shape, color, and spacing. These choices will be used for the whole string.

Pixel Style
Pixel Voltage
Pixel Shape
Pixel Wire Color
Wire Length Between Nodes in Inches

The items in this section will determine what type of input will be used at the start of the string. A starting "lead" is necessary to get the data feed into the first pixel. The default selections are what is "standard" with most strings.

Lead Input Connector
Connector Style
Lead Wire Length in Inches
Power Injection
Power Injection Connector

The tail end of a string of pixels is optional. You can specify a string with no tail if you do not plan to daisy chain it. If you do plan to daisy chain your strand, a female is customary.

Tail Output Connector
Connector Style
Tail Wire Length in Inches
Power Injection
Power Injection Connector