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Baldrick 8 Port Controller Wired Watts Edition

Baldrick 8 Port Controller Wired Watts Edition


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Baldrick 8 Port Controller Wired Watts Edition

Availability:Out of Stock
Model: brpixel8
Condition: New
Shipping Weight: 0.3 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 5" × 4" × 1"
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Product Overview

  • 5v - 24v with onboard power management and jumper-less design
  • 8 × Pixel ports handling many pixels per port and up to 750 pixels per port at 40fps
  • 2 × 30 amp power inputs to allow the pixels to run at a full 100%
  • Fuse indicator lights for easy troubleshooting
  • 3 × Programmable Button ports that can use the FPP API to start / stop a sequence
  • Small footprint which is hole-compatible with other smart receiver mounts which can use existing mounting plates
  • Wired 10/100 ethernet
  • No separate FPP or FPP license required
  • Direct xLights integration for controller config push (2024.10 and later)
  • Built in test modes

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